New agents are encouraged to contact other local players. The players listed here have agreed to especially help new players get into the game and that newcomers in their area can contact them, as long as they are polite :) Use the faction COMM in the game or reach them through our G+-community.

Again, even if no-one is listed for your area, all older agents are glad to help newcomers. Get in touch.

Area Tutor nick
Espoo Edomir, Kipuna
Hamina / Kotka Kummatus, Artanicus
Hanko RiiTrai
Helsinki Elaenia, kopedankissa
Joensuu salakavala
Jyväskylä ymy
Kuopio cheaea
Lahti loiste, singulariteetti, JohnDarkwind
Lappeenranta Alienaamor
Lieksa Re5pect
Oulu Tinde
Satakunta LaFumar
Savonlinna Cyberdroid
Sipoo ephemer
Tampere AdrianGajewsky, Ekyttis
Turku Ronde, fjollmeister
Vaasa Osmobot
Vihti / Lohja Igetin